Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Car on a road between trees

Going electric is not just great for the Scotland helping with less emissions, less pollution and cleaner air, it could save you money too! 

Electric vehicles are more efficient to run, which helps save against the initial up front cost. Electric vehicles offer savings including:

  • A cheaper lifetime running cost  

Although the initial cost of an electric vehicle is more expensive, the average annual running costs are cheaper - £1,742 for an electric vehicle versus £2,205 for a petrol vehicle, saving drivers of electric vehicles £463 each year.

  • The battery life to take on longer journeys without charging 

You might think you can’t travel far in an electric vehicle before you need to charge it. But the average electric car can run for 181 miles before needing charged – that could get you from Edinburgh to Inverness without stopping. Given the average motorist drives 136 miles a week, you’d only have to charge your electric vehicle once a week.

  • Lower cost to charge than filling your car with fuel 

A full charge of an electric vehicle at home costs around £4-6 , and if charging at a public charging point, around £8-10. Compare that to driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car, which would cost around £13-16 in fuel, it can end up being three or four times more than the cost of charging an electric vehicle. 

  • Lower servicing and maintenance costs 

Because there are less mechanical components in an electric vehicle than there are in petrol and diesel engine vehicles, the upkeep is cheaper.

  • A zero rate of vehicle excise duty for battery electric vehicles.
  • Free parking for electric vehicles in some towns and cities. And free tar

As well as the cost savings, there’s an extensive local charging network across the length and breadth of Scotland, with over 1,600 publicly available charge points. 

A woman standing by a charging electric car

Find out more about charging your electric vehicle.



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