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Scotland has set an ambitious target, to become net zero by 2045, five years ahead of the rest of the UK. In order to meet this target, it will take action from everyone in society, including businesses. We want to make sure that our progress towards this target is just and fair, and maximises the economic and social benefits we’ll experience as a net zero economy. We’ve already seen the benefits at work.  Since 1990, we’ve halved our emissions while growing the economy, increasing employment and productivity.

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Meeting Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets will require a transformation across all sectors of our economy and society. Responsibility for achieving our climate goals doesn’t sit with any one organisation or individual. We all have a part to play and our response must be a truly national endeavour. We want to work in partnership with the business community to support sustainable growth, capture competitive opportunities and to identify and tackle obstacles.

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This transition is a huge opportunity to grow Scottish businesses, supply chains and good, sustainable jobs. And the economic opportunities for our most innovative businesses are enormous: we want to help Scottish businesses innovate at home and then export their solutions to the rest of the world.

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The need to make sustainable changes is more pressing now than ever, in the light of the pandemic. The Scottish Government is committed to delivering a green recovery – this means our economic recovery from COVID-19 will help us toward net zero emissions in a way that is just, and that maximises the opportunities to deliver a thriving, sustainable economy.

Our recent Climate Change Plan update which was published in December 2020 is a strategic document on our green recovery from Covid-19.

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There are numerous sources of funding and support to help businesses to reduce their emissions. Find out more.


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