The Remakery

21 June 2021

The grey painted exterior of the Remakery shop.

The Edinburgh Remakery is helping tackle climate change and reach net zero emissions in a way that is just, fair and doesn’t leave anyone behind.

They save digital appliances and devices from landfill, refurbishing them to sell or gift to deprived communities and bridging the digital divide that leaves many isolated from services that are increasingly only available online. Their regular sustainability workshops teach skills like clothes and equipment repair to keep items in circulation longer, and their IT service will repair or recycle businesses’ digital hardware free of charge, keeping more items from landfill.

"We have a desire to help people with their own health and wellbeing and make a positive difference to the community."

More and more people have been flocking to the Remakery, aware that items don’t disappear when they are binned, they’re simply moved – usually into landfill. It’s only through repair and reuse that we can help stop waste by creating a circular economy, where goods and materials are kept in circulation for as long as possible. The Remakery have seen an increase of attendees at their online workshops as more people than ever actively seek out new sustainability skills and green businesses to support. They hope to expand their workshops to fit this new demand, which peaked during the pandemic.

A person wearing black gloves fixing a laptop.

Sustainability is the key aim of the Remakery and exists at the centre of all its decisions. But what about more typical consumer-facing businesses who are looking to go green? They advise making use of the many tools and resources out there, and building sustainability into the culture of the business.

For individuals, sustainability should be an essential part of what you do, not a hasty afterthought – the sense of urgency that propels the Remakery should also encourage you to act in the face of the global climate emergency.

“It is essential we do this together. We all need to make changes to improve our life, improve our society, improve our living space. And we need to 
lead the way.”

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