Net Zero Blog

Nov 4

Clothing rental firm shows journey to net zero is in fashion

One business that has been committed to sustainability since its inception in 1997 is ACS Clothing, a Rental and Resale reverse logistics provider in the fashion rental industry.

A machinist with long blonde hair works in a textile factory.
Oct 20

Education Resources: COP and Climate Change

Education Scotland has worked closely with key partner organisations to provide support and resources to help education settings and learners engage in the five key climate education themes of the COP26 Conference: nature, clean transport, energy transition, finance, adaptation and resilience.

Teachers and school children planting flowers
Sep 16

The Public Sector Working Together To Achieve Net Zero

Scotland has world-leading climate change legislation, committing us to the target of net zero greenhouse gas emission by 2045. Scotland needs its public sector bodies to work together to tackle these ambitious targets. In this guest blog, Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) discusses the importance of collaboration, shares examples of ongoing work and highlights resources available.

people in lecture hall seats looking at speaker
Aug 13

Scotland’s Young People’s Forest

Hear all about the young people leading the way to create a new community space, tackling nature loss and playing their part in Scotland’s journey to net zero emissions.

A small sapling being planted by a gardener
Jul 6

Jargon Busting

When you read and hear about climate change and COP26, do you feel a little bit lost? You’ve maybe heard people talking about COP, you know it’s a big deal, but don’t know enough to comment. We’re here to shed some light so you feel better equipped to be part of this important conversation.

A gap in a tree canopy
Jun 21

The Remakery

Bridging the digital divide by connecting to the earth.

The grey painted exterior of the Remakery shop.