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Feb 28

What can you achieve in an hour?

As we approach Earth Hour on 23 March 2024, why not see what a difference an hour makes? What can you achieve in just 3,600 seconds? This blog looks at how just one little hour of focused activity can bring about real and meaningful change to your life – and the planet. An hour can really make the world of difference.

Rainbow over green landscape
Oct 17

Living more sustainably can be good for the planet and your pocket

Royal Bank of Scotland was one of the many businesses who got involved with this year’s Scotland’s Climate Week, that took place a few weeks ago. Read their tips below for how you can live more sustainably and the actions they’re taking as a bank to tackle the climate emergency.

Plant and coins
Sep 21

2050 Climate Group

2050 Climate Group was founded in 2014 by the 2020 Climate Group and Young Scot, who recognised the need to bring young people into the climate conversation and look forward to what we wanted a just and sustainable Scotland to look like by 2050.

2050 Climate Group
Aug 30

How Dandelion is harnessing the power of Sow, Grow and Share

Reaching Scotland’s net zero ambitions and ending our contribution to climate change within a generation will require collective action and transformational change across all parts of Scottish society. One initiative demonstrating the power of collective action in Scotland is the Dandelion festival.

Vertical Farming image
Apr 29

A Circular Economy: An Alternative to Our 'Throw Away' Culture

Four fifths of Scotland’s carbon footprint is generated from our consumption. Meaning all the goods, materials, and services which we produce, use, and most often throw away are a major contributor to environmental decline. With this in mind, is it time to rethink how we consume? In this blog, we delve into the what, how and why of a circular economy and what it could mean for reaching net zero by 2045.

Circular road in a forest
Apr 13

Climate Beacons lighting the way to Net Zero

Climate Beacons for COP26 is a collaborative project that partners together environmental and cultural organisations across Scotland to help involve the public in conversations about climate change in a way that is relevant to the local area.

People planting trees in Argyll
Mar 29

How to make your wardrobe more sustainable?

There are many ways we can help Scotland to reach its net zero targets. From managing our food shop and food waste to recycling. But it doesn’t stop there. The clothes we choose to wear daily also impact the planet. It can be easy to fall into the cycle of wearing once and buying new, but actively choosing more sustainable options such as renting, buying second-hand, or re-wearing your existing wardrobe can reduce carbon emissions and help Scotland reach net zero.

Recycled clothing
Mar 25

Easy ways to eat more fruit & veg all year round

There are plenty of ways to try out new plant-based meals and bring more fruit and vegetables into your diet. As well as being a great source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, locally grown and seasonal fruit and veg may also have a lower environmental impact. Now, there are more options to buy these from independent stores and local veg boxes delivered to your door.

A selection of fresh vegetables, including carrots, broccoli and sprouts for sale in a greengrocers
Mar 9

Scotland’s Young People’s Forest

Hear all about the young people leading the way to create a new community space, tackling nature loss and playing their part in Scotland’s journey to net zero emissions.

A small sapling being planted by a gardener
Mar 4

Fair Trade and Climate Change: why being a Fair Trade Nation matters?

Climate change is a global issue. We all need a healthy planet to thrive. However, climate change affects everyone and every country differently. Being a Fairtrade Nation helps Scotland ensure farmers and producers around the world get a fairer deal.

Illustration of fairtrade logo and planet earth on a purple background